SB932, Mental Health, was heard 2/8/13 at 1:35pm in a combined hearing of the Senate Health and Public Safety Committees.  The bill would require mental health caregivers to report patients involuntarily hospitalized for “serious” mental illness or any patient who indicated plans to use a dangerous implement against a named person.  Failure to report would be a felony.  Protection of confidential patient-doctor communication and records would be abolished.  Firearms would be immediately seized.  A list would be kept by government, and everyone on it would be denied a firearm permit . Those on the list would have to prove they have no mental illness to get off it.

The bill was introduced by Health Chair Sen. Josh Green, a Family Practice physician himself, so Committee support for the bill was expected.  Questions and comments by Public Safety (PSM) Committee Chair, Sen. Will Espero during the hearing indicated he also wanted to pass something.

There was no testimony in support and over 125 in opposition.  Even the Attorney General’s representative, the Health Department, and The Department of Public Safety couldn’t say much nice about the bill.  Like HRA, Mental Health of America, and much of the other testimony in opposition, they agreed the intent was good, reduce violence with dangerous implements, but the bill was unsupportable.  To view the on-time testimony, go to:

Faced with no support, the Health Chair, Senator Green, indicated he and his colleagues intend to amend the bill to establish a working group of representatives from gun rights supporters, law enforcement, attorneys, the Department of Health, physicians, and possibly firearms dealers to make recommendations.  Normally these groups meet between Legislature sessions and report back next year.

The Committee will formally announce a decision and take a vote at their hearing Tuesday, 02/11/13, 2:30PM in conference room 229.  No testimony is taken.  You can view the actual result when a Committee Report and a new draft of the bill with the amendments is posted online.  Check the bill history page, maybe by Friday, 2/15, for a Committee Report and a SB932-SD1 (Senate Draft 1):

Once again, good things happened for gun right supporters because many supporters from all corners of the community sent good testimony, and an impressive number showed up to sit across the conference table from their Senators to explain why this bill was so terrible.



The Legislature goes into a mandatory 5-day recess Feb 21 through Feb 26.  Neither the House or Senate convenes although hearings may be scheduled.  The offices and staffs stay open to catch up, but many of the Neighbor Island Legislators take time to fly home for a few days.  If you are a registered voter on any Island, (they know), please make a phone call this week to your own Senator and Representative and ask for an appointment to meet with them during the recess, or whenever, to discuss gun control, your views and theirs.  Be politely insistent that this is very important to you as a constituent.  Their staffs will place your message before your Representative and Senator.  If you do not hear back in 2-3 days (you may well not), call back.  It is understood that every Legislator is expected to represent his or her constituency, and to do so they must open their offices and their schedules to hear you.  Some Neighbor Island first-year Legislators may not have a district office yet, but your Legislators should be willing to meet you in their offices or a public place like a restaurant or coffee shop for a chat. Take a friend or relative along.  

Not registered to vote?  There is still time.  Go to  or call 808 453-VOTE or for Neighbor Islands 800 442-VOTE (8683) and ask that a copy be mailed to you.  
or call 
Don’t know who your Legislators are or how to call them?  Go to the Legislature home page, and click on the “Find Your Legislator” box in the upper right corner.  Then go back to the home page, click on “Senate” or “House,” and  then “Senators” or “Representatives” to find their web pages with all their contact information.  Or call the Senate Clerk at 808 586-6720 or House Clerk, 808 586-6400.

Don’t know quite what to say?  Politely expressing your personal feelings is best.  HRA will have talking points on the issues on the web site or by request at 808 225-6944.

Dr. Maxwell Cooper,
HRA Legislative Liaison