Legislative Report – January 2015

The Hawaii State Legislature opened January 21, 2015.  Your NRA/ILA Liaison from Sacramento, Dan Reid, and your HRA Legislative Liaison, Dr. Max Cooper, met with 17 key individual Hawaii State Legislators the week before session, advising them on our issues and soliciting their support.

Thanks to several favorable court decisions, it’s a good year to pursue pro-gun legislation.  State Legislators who support your rights have introduced several proactive bills.  Opponents of our gun rights are busy, too.  F-rated Karl Rhoads, House Judiciary Chair, has pared conservatives from his committee and is poised to hear and pass his anti-gun bills.  Tell your boss you’re going to need some days off from now through April so you can testify in person at hearings.  You’ll get notice of bills and hearings from HRA and NRA by e-mail, sometimes only 48 hours in advance.  Follow the process for yourself by signing up for notices on bills at http://www.capitol.hawaii.gov/.  HRA will post a list of bills when they are available later in January.


1. Register to vote if you haven’t already.  (Military or non-residents, skip this step and go to 2)

Your Legislators can easily check to verify you live in their district and are a registered voter.  Their unwritten rules say they don’t have to talk to you if you are not voting constituents, and they are obligated to meet with you and listen if you are.  Go to http://hawaii.gov/elections/voters/registration.htm to register.

      2. Find out who are the Senator and the Representative for your area.  Go to the Hawaii State Legislature Home Page http://www.capitol.hawaii.gov/ and click on the upper right hand corner on “find your legislator” for their names and contact information.  Send both your Senator and your Representative an e-mail, fax or letter like this: 

Dear __________,

Second Amendment issues are very important to me.  I strongly urge you to put protection of gun rights high on your list of legislative priorities.  I believe gun control is going to be a significant issue this session, and I want to meet with you, discuss my concerns and enlist your support.  I will call your office to schedule an appointment.

Mahalo, ____________.

3. You will probably be ignored!  They get thousands of e-mails.  So, after a day or two, phone,         mention your earlier message, ask to speak to your Legislator or, if he or she is not available, talk to a staffer, and respectfully insist on an appointment.

4. Take a supportive pro-gun spouse, friend or relative from your district and a 1-page summary of your issues and concerns to meet your Legislator.  Allow time to find parking.  See the Talking Points article below.  Be nice!  Neighbor island supporters, no need to fly to Oahu!  Your Legislators come home almost every weekend and during scheduled recesses.  Some maintain offices in their districts.  Make an appointment for when they are on-island.  Invite them for coffee at a quiet cafe.

5.  Need help?  Contact Dr. Max Cooper, 808 225-6944 or macooper.1941@gmail.com.

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