URGENT! HRA Alert: Hearing SB1071 Thursday, 2/19

SB1071 allows police to issue permits to acquire firearms to legal permanent resident aliens.  Judge J. Michael Seabright of the US District Court for Hawaii in Fotoudas vs Kealoha et al, Sept. 2014, held them protected under the 2nd and 14th Amendments and has ordered that the counties accept their applications for permits pursuant to HRS 134-2(d).  HPD is already issuing permits to them.  The bill is part of the Governor’s package.  

HRA SUPPORTS.  Australian Steve Fotoudis and many others like him are permanent residents of Hawaii, possess a “green card” and desire to become naturalized US Citizens.  They have passed stringent background checks to enter the U.S. and are subject to the same HRS 134 requirements for permits as Citizens. 

The language in the bill about non-resident aliens is just “housekeeping” to clarify terminology in a statute passed years ago.  Legal non-resident aliens with visas may apply for and receive permits for bona fide hunting, target shooting events and law enforcement employment, for a limited time period.

Please submit testimony.  Click on the bill number above for the bill history and text, and follow the prompts to enter your testimony.  For it to count, please send it by 1:15 pm Wednesday, 2/19.

“More Guns, Less Crime”  Prof. John Lott


Dr. Maxwell Cooper

HRA Legislative Liaison