SB 473, SD1, proposing carry permit issue rules under the Federal retired Law Enforcement Officers Safety Act (LEOSA), has a hearing, Tuesday, 02-24 at 9:15AM.  The Senate Public Safety Committee gutted the original version and replaced it with the language proposed by the Hawaii Attorney General’s office, renewing the AG’s complete authority over the administration of the permit process.  The onerous qualification requirements currently established by the AG, like a perfect score on the shooting practical examination and a complete physical examination at the expense of the applicant, are why only about 40 retired officers in the whole of Hawaii have carry licenses at present.  PLEASE GO TO THE HEARING NOTICE BELOW, SUBMIT TESTIMONY IN OPPOSITION to the current bill, and ask the Senate Judiciary Committee to instead write into Hawaii Statute a reasonable qualification process that fulfills the intent of this 12 year old Federal Act.

More Guns, Less Crime  Dr. John Lott


SB1071  authorizing the counties to issue firearms permits to permanent resident aliens passed the Senate Committee on Tourism and International Affairs, Chaired by Sen. Gil Kahele and Senate Public Safety, chaired by Sen. Will Espero, and moves on the Senate Judiciary Committee.  MAHALO, SENATORS!  If passed it will bring Hawaii’s statutes into compliance with the US District Court Decision, and in line with US Code and most other state statutes. 

SB 674, criminalizing ivory transfers, was deferred indefinitely (dead) yesterday in a Senate joint hearing. Testimony in strong opposition to the bill was received earlier from antique dealers and Hawaiian Heritage supporters. The Chair of Energy and Environment Committee, Sen. Mike Gabbard, said the Senators could not agree, but pointed out that the House version, HB837_HD1 is alive.  That version moves on to F-rated Karl Rhoads’ Judiciary Committee.  Rep. Rhoads introduced it.

So don’t relax!  There are many important bills not yet heard, especially coming up in F-rated Chair, Karl Rhoad’s House Judiciary Committee.  Please help get the goods bills through the rest of the session and stop the bad ones.  The Legislature has finished its first quarter.  All bills referred to 2 or more committees in the originating body that have not passed to the last committee, like HB402, are dead (but can be resurrected). 


Dr. Maxwell Cooper,

HRA Legislative Liaison