Urgent! Alert: Hearing on LEOSA, Friday, 3/20

The LEOSA (Law Enforcement Officers Safety Act bill), SB473, is to be heard in the House Friday, 3/20 in the Committee on Labor and Public Employment.

Senate JDL Chair Gilbert Keith-Agaran gutted the original Senate bill that establishing HRS “shall issue” language for qualified retired law enforcement officers to carry concealed and turned administration of the program back again entirely to the AG’s office, where it has languished for 7 years.  Only about 40 officers statewide have permits because the requirements established by the AG are designed to discourage applicants (sound familiar?).  A yearly complete physical is required, and an annual perfect qualifying score must be shot, all at the expense of the applicant. Qualifications are held only annually on the Big Island, bi-annually on Maui, and not at all on Kauai. 

If you think it makes the public safer to have more trained people in our state carrying concealed firearms, please click on the hearing notice below and send testimony in opposition to this current draft.  Ask that the bill be amended by re-inserting language compatible with the intent of this 12 year old federal mandate and incorporating it in Hawaii Statute instead of leaving it to the whims of the AG’s Deputies.

More Guns, Less Crime.  Prof. John Lott.


SB 473, SD2




Dr. Maxwell Cooper

HRA Legislative Liaison