“Under the Gun” Screening

The Honolulu Museum of Art is featuring a screening of the anti-gun film “Under the Gun” by Stephanie Soechtig on Tuesday August 9, 2016. The film, hosted by Katie Couric, received criticism when it creatively edited portions to make it appear as if the group of gun owners participating in the “discussion” couldn’t answer a question on background checks. Thankfully some of those gun owners video recorded that session and released those recording to the public after the film was released. Even the NPR reported on the manipulative editing as did others. It is more than ironic that the website to promote the film uses the phrase “In the gun debate, the truth is the ultimate weapon.” It certainly is….

HRA President will be at the screening and will participate in a post show discussion. Senator Will (I’m not trying to take away your gun) Espero is also going to be participating in the discussion. HRA members and other 2A supporters should attend both the film showing and participate in the discussion afterwards. All too often, especially here in Hawaii, the vocal minority of ill-informed anti-gun activists dictate the message or narrative. Let’s take that opportunity away from them and make sure the real facts, and the pro-gun community are heard at this event. 

More information about the screening is available at the Honolulu Museum of Art’s website. Cost is $10.00