Legislative Report Jan 2013

Legislative Report Jan 2013 by Max Cooper

The Hawaii State Legislature Opened Jan 16. F-rated Sen. Donna Kim is Senate President. Rep. Joe Souki has taken his old job back as Speaker of the House. There is a shuffle in House leadership and chairmanships in key committees for firearms and hunting issues, mostly toward the left. Joe Souki has appointed F-rated Rep. Karl Rhoads as House Judiciary Chair. Rhoads will introduce, promote, hear, and pass anti-gun bills. Action on numerous anti-gun bills can be expected by early February.

The new Senior US Senator from Hawaii is Brian Schatz, thanks to a quick, slick appointment by Gov. Abercrombie after Sen. Inouye’s death, ignoring Inouye’s wish to have F-rated US Rep. Colleen Hanabusa appointed to his vacant seat. Sen. Schatz (former HI state campaign chairman for Obama in 2008) was able to jump on Air Force One for a ride back to Washington DC with the President and be sworn in ahead of Senator-elect Mazie Hirono.

Senator Diane Feinstein is introducing a federal ban on firearms, more inclusive than her ban from the 1994 Clinton era that sunset in 2004, adding more firearms and tightening her improper definition of “assault weapon.” The grandfather clause would not allow transfers after the owner dies. The firearm must be surrendered. Handguns and magazine bans are included. Her web site offers a summary:

Observers so far expect an amended version will pass the US Senate and be modified or stall in the House.

New York State has passed its ban, with a seven-round cap on magazine capacity and many other amazing features.

NY State Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli froze pension fund investments in commercial fire arms manufacturers valued at more than $2 million. Remington is in Ilion, in upper New York. Workers from the plant testified against the ban.

NRA suggests you gift two relatives or friends with a membership.

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