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HRA Alert, Support at the Capitol for Hunting and Shooting

HB2629 HD1 passed the House Water and Land and Agriculture Committees 2/13 and moves on.  It was amended to add language suggested by HRA to include shooting ranges and hunting as allowed activities on Important Agricultural Lands.

Please send a big thank you to the Chairs and Committee Members and stand by to lobby the next committee, House Finance:

Aloha, Chairs and Members,

Mahalo for including shooting ranges and hunting as allowed activities on Important Agricultural Lands in HB2629.  Your support for our people’s rights and heritage is highly appreciated.

Send to:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

The votes were as follows: AGR:  9 Ayes: Representative(s) Wooley, Brower, Matsumoto, Ward; Ayes with reservations: Representative(s) Onishi, Awana, Choy, Tokioka, Tsuji; Noes: none; and 2 Excused: Representative(s) Cachola, Ohno.  WAL:  8 Ayes: Representative(s) Evans, Lowen, Cullen, Kawakami, C. Lee, Nishimoto, Thielen; Ayes with reservations: Representative(s) Fale; 1 Noes: Representative(s) Say; and 1 Excused: Representative(s) Hanohano.

HRA Alert: Gun Bill Hearing Tuesday, February 4, 2012

Gun Bill Hearing Tuesday, February 4, 2012, 3:45 pm, Rm 224, State Capitol

The Senate will hear 3 gun bills Tuesday.  To learn more, go to the hearing notice at:

Halfway down the list of bills to be heard are Senate Bill 2938, SB2050, and SB2257.  Click on those numbers for a copy of the bill and on “Status” for the bill history.  At the end of the hearing notice is an invitation to “click here to submit testimony.”  You’ll need to sign in to get into the system if you have not before, then insert the bill number and follow the program to send testimony.  You can start a file in your word processor and download it into the program, or, in a few sentences, type your testimony in the “additional comments” box.  After you submit testimony on one bill, you can stay logged in and click on “Submit More Testimony.”

SB2938 requires the counties to set up online registration of firearms.  The Public Safety Committee Chair, Sen. Will Espero, introduced this one for us, so there is a good chance his Committee will pass it.

SB2050 privides that if you own and have registered firearms in Hawaii previously, you are excused from the waiting period for subsequent permits.  Sen. Les Ihara, Senate Majority Policy Leader, introduced this one.

SB2257 Prohibits making or selling digitally manufactured firearms unless licenced by ATF, and prohibits carrying one or the parts thereof.  The National Firearms Act (NFA) permits making guns for personal use if they are registered with ATF.  HRA suggests that amendment to the bill, subject to the usual HRS 134 restrictions.


Koko Head Shooting Complex, Partial Opening

Koko Head Shooting Complex action bays, skeet, and trap will be open this weekend(1/25/14), per Rangemaster Mike Muramoto.  The Rifle Range may or may not be open, with restrictions as to distance and firing positions, pending completion of the work there.

Max Cooper