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Take Action -AGAIN

Because of the urgency of the situation, we ask that you TAKE ACTION, if you haven’t already, and TAKE ACTION again, even if you already have.  WE NEED TO LET THEM KNOW HOW YOU FEEL!!  WE ARE RUNNING OUT OF TIME.  SHARE THIS MESSAGE WITH OTHERS AND ASK THEM TO TAKE ACTION, TOO!


Two anti-gun bills are being enrolled to the Governor for his consideration:


HB 625 – Expands prohibition of gun possession to include misdemeanor crimes


SB 2954 – Rap back, all applicants for gun permits will be enrolled in the federal criminal database at the cost of the applicant


Clicking on the link below and using the Take Action button (you can click it more than once) will transmit letters on your behalf to the Governor, Representatives, and Senators:


Voting will take place on Tuesday, May 3, on HB 2632 – Emergency Hospitalization.


Final action may soon be taken on SB 2657 – Ivory ban.




EMAIL:  HGHAWAII@GMAIL.COM,    PHONE:  (808) 306-7194