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Koko Head Shooting Complex, Partial Opening

Koko Head Shooting Complex action bays, skeet, and trap will be open this weekend(1/25/14), per Rangemaster Mike Muramoto.  The Rifle Range may or may not be open, with restrictions as to distance and firing positions, pending completion of the work there.

Max Cooper

Positive Hawaii TV Report on Shooting Sports

The Star Advertiser ran an online “SMALL TALK” video from reporter Diane Ako (aka Deadline Di) and videojournalist Tracy Arakaki (aka Triggerfinger Tracy), December 31, 2013, featuring range action at Koko Head and interviews of colorful cowpersons from the Single Action Shootists of Hawaii (SASH), Oahu’s Cowboy Action shooting club.

Our great supporter at the Hawaii State Legislature, Representative Ken Ito, featured in the video, recommends:

Here is the url for the video.  Please have the members respond and send positive comments so that Diane Ako can cover this more.

Ken Ito

There is a response form at the bottom of the page the URL leads you to.  Please respond!


Max Cooper,

HRA Legislative Liaison

Koko Head Complex Still Closed

The entire Koko Head Shooting Complex remains closed for remediation work.  Not withstanding a KITV News report, the opening is planned Wednesday for noon, Jan 29, 2014, per Rangemaster Mike Muramoto.

The work is progressing nicely.  As of 1:30 pm this afternoon, it appears that the Rifle Range eyebrow is framed and 1/3 roofed, the large sandpiles have been distributed from the 50 yard target line to the backstop, and there are large piles of clean dirt at the 100 yard target line ready to resurface the backstop.

Mahalo to Mayor Caldwell, Parks Director Toni Robinson, Rangemaster Mike Muramoto, and all the County employees who are working so expeditiously to re-open the ranges.

Max Cooper