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Koko Head Complex Closed

Sign on the Rifle Range as of yesterday, confirmed by R.O.’s on site today:

Koko Head Complex is closed completely Jan 13-29 for remediation work.  Mahalo for your patience.

Presumably the work on the backstop and the eyebrows begins.

Max Cooper

Senator Sam Slom Fundraiser

State Sen. Sam Slom, the Lone Ranger, or Last Man Standing, is the national 2nd Amendment Foundation Secretary and the staunchest supporter of gun rights in the Senate.

BBQ with Sam Slom. Hear his plans for the 2014 legislative session and mingle with guns rights supporters.  Come show him some aloha, or send him a check marked “Thanks for your support of my gun rights.”

Great barbeque and the trimmings.

January 11, Saturday at 5:30 PM Suggested donation $25  243 Ainahou Street, Hawaii Kai RSVP, contact or please send check to: Friends for Sam Slom, 6600 Kalanianaole Highway suite 212, Honolulu, HI 96825

Max Cooper
Legislative Liaison, HRA

Update, Koko Head Rifle Range Closure

Safety improvements to Koko Head Rifle Range, required before the planned re-opening, have begun.

Reports of bullet strikes in October on the other side of Koko Head Crater first led to limiting the Rifle Range to 100 yards, and most steel targets beyond were taken down. Ricochets from recumbent steel were thought to be the possible cause.

After two more bullet strikes were reported Friday, December 6, the Rifle Range was closed. Honolulu Mayor Caldwell held a press conference on the range Saturday December 7 to announce City and County plans. Now the focus is on possible ricochets from the 100 yard rifle range. A mitigation program to resurface the 100 yard backstop with sand and level the range floor that slopes uphill from the 50 yard target line to the 100 yard backstop is planned. Some grading, a strip about 10 yards wide, in front of the 100 yard significantly eroded backstop has been done (see photo below). Two large sand piles are on site, and coarse crushed rock was added to the road access to the Silhouette Range to allow heavy equipment to enter. An “eyebrow” is planned extending from the roof of the rifle range as a reminder. Building of that had not yet begun as of Wednesday, December 19.

The Silhouette Range has voluntarily shut down for now. The Skeet Range was not open last weekend. The Bulls-Eye pistol range remains open, usual hours. Law enforcement personnel are still shooting in the action bays. Apparently air testing done for lead during the soil disturbance by grading was not positive, or the whole range would be closed.

The range cleanup day, previously scheduled for December 29, is postponed because of lead concerns until 2014.

HRA is working with the favorable administration we now have. The immediate focus is on re-opening the 100 yard range to the public as soon as the Range Master, Parks Director, and the Mayor believe it is safe. Then HRA plans to work with them, the clubs and individual shooters involved, the public users, and City Council, to bring Koko Head into the 21st Century of range design, including placement of some 200+ yard targets.

HRA suggests for now that range supporters send Mayor Caldwell and Parks Director Toni Robinson Holiday Cards thanking them for their concern and positive action to date.

530 S. King Street, Rm. 300
Honolulu, HI 96813

Toni P. Robinson, Director
1000 Uluohia Street, Suite 309
Kapolei, HI 96707

Dr. Maxwell Cooper
HRA Legislative Liaison