The Hawaii State Legislature ended on time for 2013 on May 2. Firearms rights advocates can take great pride that what started out as the worst year in Hawaii State history for 2nd Amendment supporters is ending positively. Terrible bills, including a ban on semi-auto look-a-likes with confiscation, an intrusive mental health bill creating a […]

Mahalo to All of You

MEMBERS!!!!!!!!! THANK TO ALL OF YOU WHO PUT IN COUNTLESS EMAILS, LETTERS AND PHONE CALLS TO THE ELECTED OFFICIALS!!!!!!! WE DID IT!!!!!!! We must not let up, we must continue the push!!!! Gun owners on Kauai, We will be holding more meetings in the upcoming months very shortly. We need to organize now and apply […]

CNBC to Premiere “America’s Gun: Rise of the AR-15”

Tune-in Details: “America’s Gun: The Rise of the AR-15” on CNBC Thursday, April 25th 10pm ET/PT With approximately 4 million in circulation, the AR-15 is one of the most popular and misunderstood rifles in America. The documentary offers a window into the larger debate and the incendiary issues that surround it. Appealing to gun lovers […]

Police Poll: Armed Citizens, not Gun Control, Will Lower Violent Crime

Police One is a respected independent organization of law enforcement professionals, active and retired. Most are police officers or sergeants. Here’s their take on the current federal legislation: In a poll conducted by PoliceOne, a majority of law enforcement personnel said universal background checks, “assault weapons” bans, and “high capacity” magazine bans do not make […]


SB69, HD1 is scheduled for a hearing in the House Finance Committee this Thursday, March 28, 3:15pm, Rm 308, at the State Capitol. The present bill language affects persons bringing firearms into the state. Current statute already requires that all such firearms be registered within 3 days. The county police departments are already doing NICS […]