Contact your legislator NOW!

WE’RE NOT DONE YET!!!  Over a thousand messages were sent to legislators asking them to oppose the anti-gun bills moving in the legislature.  We need to continue the push and let them know WE VOTE and we are asking them to OPPOSE these bills because they are flawed and unconstitutional.  Attached is a link to […]

NRA Alert

On Wednesday, the Senate Committee on Judiciary and Labor will be voting on four bad gun bills.  NO testimony will be accepted.   Your action is needed.   Please click on the link to the NRA message:

HRA Legislative Alert Gun Bill Hearing

House Bill 2246, HD1, has passed all but one committee and will pass this Legislature and be enacted.  It is scheduled for its final hearing for decision before the Senate Judiciary and Ways and Means CommitteeTuesday, April 1, 2014.  HRA SUPPORTS THE BILL, WITH AN IMPORTANT AMENDMENT.  PLEASE CONSIDER SENDING TESTIMONY IN SUPPORT.  The hearing […]

Urgent! HRA Alert: 3 gun bills Tuesday

The Senate Public Safety Committee, Chairman Senator Clarence K. Nishihara, will hear 3 gun bills Tuesday, March 15, 2016.  Please go to, sign in, and click on the orange “submit testimony” button to send testimony on all three bills. Deadline to submit testimony, 1:20pm Monday March 14. HB625  Includes misdemeanor stalking among the offenses that disqualify a person from […]