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HRA protects Hawaii’s civil rights, and promotes gun safety and hunter education on the islands.

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Controversial Colorado gun bill becomes law, 11 sheriffs willing to choose jail over enforcement

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Willes Lee WINS another term on NRA Board

Thank you to all the HRA and NRA members in Hawaii for voting to bring Willes Lee back to the NRA Board of Directors for another three year term.  Willes always strongly supports us and our cause here in Hawaii and I know he will continue to do so in the upcoming term.
Congratulations Willes.
Harvey Gerwig,
HRA President
NRA Board Member Willes K Lee Thanks Hawaii Rifle Association
The National Rifle Association of America each year conducts elections to select our Board of Directors.
Thank you to the Hawaii Rifle Association for your support and votes. Thank you especially to Harvey Gerwig for his leadership.
– Willes

LtCol (ret) Willes Lee is a member of the NRA Board of Directors, program c-manager and assigned six committees: Chairman Outreach, co-Chairman Collegiate Programs, Military & Veterans Affairs, Legislative Policy, Federal Affairs, Grassroots Development. Life member NRA, SAF (2017 Defender of Liberty recipient), GOA and Co-Chairman of the Trump-Pence Second Amendment Coalition. Lee is President of the National Federation of Republican Assemblies, on the ACU Foundation Board (CPAC hosts), and a former RNC member/State Chairman. Col Lee is a combat veteran graduate of West Point, a 22-year Ranger and Airborne qualified Armor officer, DSSM/BSM/LM. He holds an Engineering Degree from USMA and a Master’s Degree of Public Administration. Follow at and on Instagram and Twitter. His full bio and blog are at

HI State Senator Targets 2nd Amendment

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NRA-ILA | Hawaii: Senate Committee to Hear Anti-Gun Legislation.

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Article by a LIFE class student

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March 6: NRA-ILA | Hawaii: Gun Control Bills Pass Chamber of Origin & Resolution Introduced to Redefine or Repeal the Second Amendment

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Feb. 28: NRA-ILA | Hawaii: Anti-Gun Bills Headed to Senate Floor

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Feb. 18: NRA-ILA  @ Hawaii: Anti-Gun Bills to be Heard in Committees of Both Chambers

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Feb. 12: NRA-ILA  @ Hawaii: More Anti-Gun Legislation Scheduled for Hearings This Wednesday! 


Here is the list for upcoming hearings scheduled for this week. We need EVERYONE to submit testimony ASAP online at if you’re not able to go in person. Don’t forget to SHARE this post and get your friends and family to get involved.

Hearing schedule:

2/6/19 RM 430 10:00 a.m.
Establishes the Hawaii Gun Violence Prevention Center in the AG’s office to research strategies to prevent gun violence. Creates a special fund to support the Center. Appropriates funds.

The HRA OPPOSES this bill. We feel that the state already wastes enough of our tax payer monies and that enough research has been done. 98% of firearms used to commit crimes are obtained ILLEGALLY. The obvious solution is to allow citizens to carry firearms for self protection since criminals are already carrying firearms to commit crimes.

2/7/19 RM 229 1:15 p.m.

Establishes a process by which a law enforcement officer or family or household member may obtain a court order to prevent a person from accessing firearms and ammunition when the person poses a danger of causing bodily injury to oneself or another.

The HRA OPPOSES this bill. Red Flag laws are dangerous for both gun owning citizens and law enforcement. Due process matters.

Requires a person to report the person’s lost, stolen, or destroyed firearms to the appropriate county police department. Establishes penalties for failure to report.

The HRA OPPOSES this bill. While we certainly agree that firearms owners should be responsible for their guns and notify HPD if their firearms are stolen, we do not believe a legal requirement that can result in losing your constitutional right to to bear arms should be made.

Provides that no person less than 21 years of age shall bring any firearm into the State.

The HRA OPPOSES this bill. States with more freedoms allow individuals under the age of 21 to own firearms. These individuals are often stationed here or even travel here to hunt.

Adds the requirement to notify the Terrorist Screening Center administered by the Federal Bureau of Investigation to the gun permit application background check.

The HRA OPPOSES this bill. Terrorist watch lists and no fly lists are notorious for being extremely vague on what an individual must do to get put on these lists. From 5 and 7 year olds to sitting United States senators, people that don’t belong on these lists somehow manage to get there. Again, due process matters and an arbitrary list with an unclear process is very dangerous.

Clarifies that failure to register a firearm within the required time period does not relieve the owner of the duty to register the firearm. Allows the owner of an unregistered firearm to register the firearm thereafter without penalty.

The HRA SUPPORTS this bill. While we do not support firearms registration of any form it is already established law in Hawaii and this would allow gun owners to register their firearms without criminal charges.